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Worksite Benefits

Worksite  benefits help pay for out-of-pocket expenses that major medical and other insurance don’t cover. Also called supplemental benefits, voluntary benefits and worksite benefits. These types of programs are used to meet a diverse range of needs.

Examples include paying for out-of-pocket medical expenses, household bills and travel expenses, as well as replacing missed wages. Many employees like that benefits such as disability, accident, cancer, critical care and hospital are paid directly to them, so they can use them where they are needed. The beauty of voluntary benefits is they can be customized for the specific needs of a business and their employees, catering to certain vocations, stages of life, location and lifestyles.

Another advantage is that payment options are flexible. This means that benefits can be offered as 100% employee-paid, without adding to your bottom line. They can also be offered as a shared expense between the employer and worker as well as fully employer-funded.

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