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7 Mental Health Wellness Activities to Incorporate into Your Business

Employees in modern chill room

The mental health of your employees can have a tremendous impact on productivity. To show your employees you care and strengthen your company culture, incorporate the following mental health wellness activities in your business:

Get the Group Exercising Together

Exercise is not only good for your body. It can also elevate mood, improve sleep, and relieve stress. People who exercise regularly tend to do so because it significantly increases their sense of well-being. Get your team together to take a walk or a hike. Exercising outdoors provides many health benefits, including a clearer mind and a better mood. Varying the scenery can give your employees a more positive outlook.

Give Them the Afternoon Off

Give your team half a day off for self-care on a Friday afternoon. Make it clear that this is their personal time and not for work. In your Monday morning meeting, discuss what everyone did with their afternoon off.

Set Up a Chill Room

Use some office space to create a “chill” room for your employees. Make it cozy with a comfortable chair, pillows, and a candle or diffuser for essential oils. Give your employees permission to hang out in the chill room as needed during the workday.

Get Employees to Take Time for a Midday Break

Most employees are happier when they take lunch breaks. Taking a full lunch hour gives them an opportunity to socialize, go for a walk, or simply relax and recharge. Be sure to set a good example by taking the time for a refreshing midday break yourself.

Organize Team Building Activities

Get your group to play a team-building activity, either in person or virtually. In addition to games such as Virtual Jeopardy and Virtual Escape Room, you can explore options such as virtual card games or Water Cooler Trivia, which integrates into your email, and automatically sends trivia quizzes directly to team members weekly.

Take Coffee Breaks or Happy Hours

Walking to a nearby coffee shop or going for drinks after work can help bring your team together and make the office environment more enjoyable. If your employees are working remotely, you can plan virtual coffee breaks or happy hours with your team using available online video tools such as Skype, Zoom, and Google Hangouts.

Swap Recipes

We all need to eat, so why not incorporate team building into cooking? Ask everyone on your team to share their favorite recipes, then challenge the group to try one recipe every week. You can specify breakfast, lunch, dinner, or dessert, or leave it completely open. Each person could try something different, or the entire group could all try the same recipe. Set aside some time at the end of the week to share how the dishes turned out.

Group benefits are also important for employee health and well-being. Our knowledgeable agent can assist you in structuring a benefits package to help keep your team well and happy.

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